Origins of North

Origins of North


The land areas of Upper Northern Thailand once belonged to a separate kingdom called “Lanna” which means “Land of a Million Rice Fields”. Lanna has a rich and diverse history dating back over 700 years, with a proud heritage, culture and gastronomy which is distinct from the rest of Thailand. The unique taste of Lanna cuisine is derived from Shan, Burmese, Laotian and Yunnanese influences. Glutinous rice is the preferred staple which match perfectly with popular Lanna dishes such as spicy dips (nam priks), fermented pork sausage (naem), minced meat salads (larbs) and spicy grilled sausages (sai oua).

“North” was founded by the owners from Northern Thailand with long experience in the food industry. The restaurant is located in a colonial style villa which was built almost 100 years ago as the residence of Mom Luang Nuam Snidvongs. The villa has been fully restored to its former glory with the interior decorations which represent Lanna heritage albeit with a modern interpretation. Everything has been thought out and designed so that our customers will be able to experience Lanna gastronomy in a prestigious but relaxed setting right in the heart of Bangkok. 

We source essential ingredients from Northern Thailand and our chefs are natives of Chiang Rai Province in Northern Thailand which was the epicenter of Lanna civilisation. Moreover, our service staff are highly experienced with track records working in top international hotels and restaurants. Everyone at North share the ultimate goal which is to present Lanna cuisine and culinary wisdom in a modern and innovative style to the international audience.

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